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How to Force Quit Unresponsive Mac OS Applications?

Problem This is important not only for Windows users :). Sometimes applications become unresponsive in Mac OS as well. There are several ways, how to kill unresponsive application. Here we will cover the easiest solutions, how to kill unresponsive applications in Mac OS. Solution Hit CMD+Option(aka. Alt)+Escape Then you will be prompt to select an application, which

How to compare Strings in Java?

Problem There are many ways how to compare strings in Java and most of them are different. Here we will cover these cases: Using .equals() method; Using .compareTo() method; Using == operator. Solution Let’s check what we can compare using .equals() / .equalsIgnoreCase() methods. If you are newbie in programming / Java – I am almost sure that this

How to reset Windows 10?

Problem Why do you need to reset Windows 10? Sometimes your computer becomes very slow, because you have many unused applications installed and store a lot of unused stuff in your hard disk. Some people like to flush everything and start using Windows from scratch, like my sister. You want to sell your computer and

How to remove tag from a deleted file?

Problem Let’s say you deleted a file from CVS. Next day you see that you need to remove tag(s). Usually you click on file, select “Tags” and remove it. But how could you remove a tag from a deleted file? Solution You should execute a cvs command. Some CVS clients have GUI, for example TortoiseCVS

How to read UTF8 file with BOM?

Wikipedia about UTF8 BOM The byte order mark (BOM) is a Unicode character, U+FEFF byte order mark (BOM), whose appearance as a magic number at the start of a text stream can signal several things to a program consuming the text:[1] What byte order, or endianness, the text stream is stored in; The fact that the

How to add programs to Start Up on Windows 8?

Problem Start up folder is missing on Windows 8. In previous Windows versions it was very easy to add new programs to start with Windows. Solution Open the Windows 8 start screen by doing one of the following: Press the Windows key. Move mouse to the bottom left of the screen. When the start screen

How to read a file in Java?

There are many ways to read a file in Java. The simplest and most common used method is using BufferedReader class. First of all, let’s create a file and name it as “example.txt” with some dummy text: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec arcu nibh, maximus porttitor diam eu, dapibus vestibulum nulla.

How to enable PostgreSQL extension for PHP?

Few days ago, I started a new project. This project was required to be built with PHP and PostgreSQL database. Docker is really cool for all infrastructure things, it makes my life much easier to bootstrap a project in other computers/servers. I am crazy about new frameworks and I heard very good feedback from my

How to show hidden files on macOS High Sierra?

Today I was working with one of my web projects. I wanted to transfer files from one location to another one. It looks very easy & simple. The next thing which I did – I started Nginx server and opened my project in browser. I was surprised, when I received an error from Phalcon (this