How to reset Windows 10?


Why do you need to reset Windows 10?

  • Sometimes your computer becomes very slow, because you have many unused applications installed and store a lot of unused stuff in your hard disk. Some people like to flush everything and start using Windows from scratch, like my sister.
  • You want to sell your computer and delete all data from it.
  • Other cases 🙂

So how can we do that using Windows 10?


  1. Open “Start Menu”.
  2. Go to “Settings” (click gear icon).
  3. Select “Update & Security”.
  4. Click “Recovery” on the left pane.
  5. Click button “Get started” under “Reset this PC” option.
  6. Then Windows will ask you, how do you want to reset this PC. There will be 2 options:
    1. “Keep my files” – It will remove all programs & restore default settings. Your personal files will not be deleted.
    2. “Remove everything” – It will remove everything. Your personal files also will be deleted.
  7. You will be asked, what do you want to do with your drives. There will be 2 options:
    1. “Just remove my files” – it simply just remove files.
    2. “Remove files and clean drive” – it removes files and clean partitions, that means deleted data can not be recovered. Use this option if you are going sell your computer.
  8. Click “Reset” button when prompted.
  9. Select “Continue (Exit and continue to Windows 10)”.
  10. That’s all!

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